This is a Castle/Stana Katic/Nathan Fillion blog. Enjoy :)

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”You think im afraid of some ole’ camp fire story?”

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Their combined elation and confusion will never not be endearing.

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Everyone has an alibi.

Yeah, well, somebody out there doesn’t, and we are gonna find them.

This is masterful acting. The use of all her name is brilliant. their looks , priceless

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A parallel I noticed just now while scrolling my dash.

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It’s kind of weird and surreal when you think back and realise how much beckett and castle have changed since the start of castle, like wow it makes me tear up.

Wow, this is gorgeous.

I have watched a lot of TV in my days and there is not another story out there like Castle and Beckett’s. 

I love the idea of them telling their children how they met 10 years from now and still lovingly mocking one another

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castle actual scenes vs. bloopers season five (1/5)

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